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Trust Our Mobile App Developers to Turn Your Idea Into a Profitable App

Emvigo’s mobile application development services excel at making your app a success. We cater to businesses of all types. Our deep understanding of compliance and security standards in global markets makes us the perfect app development partner, especially for companies in regulated fields like healthcare. With our low-code, no-code solutions, we help startups and SMEs launch their MVPs at record speed.

That’s what our mobile app development service is all about–delivering custom apps that drive the exact results you want.
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Android Development
iOS<br> Development
Cross-Platform App Development

Technologies We Use

Take advantage of our extensive technology stack across all major smartphone platforms and frameworks.

Native Apps
Our native apps are high-performing platform-specific applications designed and optimized for a specific operating system.
Cross-Platform Apps
We build cross-platform apps that deliver consistent experiences on multiple operating systems and devices.

Android App

Android app development lets you create applications for Android devices, which are widely used and loved by millions worldwide. Our Android app developers harness the potential of the Android platform to build innovative apps that cater to a wide audience. From concept to deployment, we ensure your app meets the highest standards, empowering your business and engaging your users on this popular mobile platform.

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Why Android?

Nothing else offers the kind of massive market reach that a custom Android app does. With Android app development, you can bring a variety of apps and games to a global audience using Google Play Store’s extensive distribution.

Emvigo Can Help You With

We build high-performance Android apps that offer delightful user experiences that can take your business to the next level. Our custom-built native and cross-platform apps include features like:


Emvigo’s custom iOS app development services are specially designed for Apple’s iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. These apps are hugely popular due to the vast user base of Apple devices and the seamless integration between iOS software and hardware. Our iOS app development delivers fast, reliable, and responsive experiences to users. With our custom iOS apps, you can be a part of the $1Trillion+ worth of Apple store ecosystem.

Why iOS?

Building an iOS app expands your business’s reach to millions of Apple users, boosting brand engagement and growth. With the popularity of iOS devices, iOS app development is a lucrative way for businesses to stay competitive in the mobile-first market.

What Emvigo Offers

Experience the benefits of high ROI and global brand exposure with our captivating iOS apps that resonate with users worldwide, boosting your business success.
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Want to build an app that runs on multiple devices and operating systems? Our cross-platform app developers achieve this by using frameworks like React Native or Flutter to write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms. This saves your time and money while ensuring the same awesome user experience for all your target users.

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Why Cross-Platform Development?

Building a cross-platform app helps your business maintain a unified brand presence, delivering a seamless user experience that enhances customer loyalty. Thus, it’s a smart choice for efficient and cost-effective app development.

What Emvigo Offers

Reach a wider audience and maximize your app’s potential on various platforms with our cross-platform development. Our cross-platform apps have:

Turn Your Idea into a Success With Emvigo Technologies.

Ready to Build a Great App?

Why Partner With Emvigo?

We combine our expertise, creativity, and dedication to shape your vision into an awesome app that drives exceptional results for your business.

Expertise in native and cross-platform frameworks and technologies

Aligned with global compliance and security standards

Iterative rapid development using agile process

Strict maintenance of project timelines and fast turnaround

User-centric and business-driven practices

Outstanding design and usability within budget

Our Agile App
Development Process

Accelerate your app’s time-to-market with Emvigo’s agile development, seizing opportunities quickly and staying adaptable to changing demands.

What is Agile?

Having an agile process means that Emvigo follows an iterative approach throughout the app development life cycle. We break the project into smaller tasks called “sprints” or iterations which are completed within specific timeframes. By collaborating with you at every step, we identify and resolve any issue from the get-go. This ensures a fast and efficient process, leading to a high-quality end product that perfectly matches your vision.

Why is Agile Important?

Agile methodology provides room for constant adaptability, collaboration, and improvement. It ensures the project moves smoothly while staying on track with budget and timelines.
Here are the steps outlining our agile process:


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