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Case Study

WordPress to Static HTML

Project Scenario

WordPress sites usually encounter performance issues which include slow page loading times, image optimization problems, and security breaches. These issues are more complex than those encountered by HTML and static sites and require a sensitive and prioritized solution that maintains WordPress’s ease of use while improving performance to match that of an HTML site.

Our Solution

The team resolved WordPress performance and security issues by adopting a “Headless WordPress” approach, where WordPress manages content and data at the backend, while a static HTML setup displays data at the front end. We migrated the WordPress site to a static HTML format in two phases and changed the domain to address performance and security issues. The team modified the “static-HTML-output” plugin to convert WordPress to static HTML and used Netlify for configuration purposes.

Problem Statement and Our Inferences  

The team needed a solution that combined the ease of use of WordPress with the benefits of a static HTML site, including better control, faster content availability, improved security, reduced maintenance effort, and scalability. WordPress’s performance issues often stem from loading content and images of varying sizes, requiring image optimization, while static sites have the advantage of not having to load content from a database. The team came up with a solution that did not compromise security at the same time addressing practicalities that protect the site from cyber threats.

The Emvigo Approach  

Emvigo Technologies used an Agile Development Approach for all their projects. The team implemented the Headless WordPress solution to ensure better security, scalability, and performance. The solution involved maintaining a WordPress site for content development and updates, and a Static HTML site to display data on the front end. As a result, the development team modified an existing plugin, static-HTML-output, to execute the migration from WordPress to Static HTML. The domain change process was carried out using the Netlify platform. The newly proposed solution had features like static pages, Yoast SEO support, CF7 support, support for WP Job Openings Plugin, and pre-rendered HTML content served for faster access. The solution was targeted toward corporate sites that use limited functionalities. Testing was carried out continuously at every stage to ensure the output’s quality. The new solution was tested to ensure improved performance and security.

The Milestones and Challenges we resolved

  • Challenge 1: Limitations in Contact form submission, content blocks and responses not being fetched rightly after plugin configuration.
  • Challenge 2: Images and Cache settings getting lost.
  • Challenge 3: Failed to detect certain URLs and folders and they were not being visible while crawling the site.

To learn more about how we fixed these issues, check out the full version of our Case Study.

Techstacks we offered  

  • We have used MySQL for Database requirements.
  • The Front-end part is executed with WordPress.
  • The platform we have used for domain change is Netlify.

What’s next in Line?

  • Automated Deployment Options are to be introduced because now every time content updations are made, one will have to manually deploy the changes to be reflected on the live website.
  • Automation of Exporting process.
  • Search option to be integrated with WordPress site.



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