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1 June 2023

Shopify Developer

  • 3+ Yrs Experience
  • Positions 1
  • Kochi/Hybrid/Remote

We are looking for Shopify developers who are comfortable programming on the Shopify platform. They should have development experience, in-depth understanding, and distinct perspectives of all things to specialize in all the Shopify projects.

The chosen candidate should be able to create a bespoke development using the existing Shopify templates. Besides that, they must also know how to convert mock-ups and specifications into complete functional solutions.

He/she must also know how to update and modify the existing websites to enhance the UX/UI design or add new features. They must also learn how to test and develop 3rd-party Shopify apps and customize and create Shopify accounts.

Job Responsibilities

  • Make knowledgeable and engaging Shopify stores online to increase revenue and sales.
  • Make bespoke themes and change all the pre-existing templates according to the predefined company guidelines.
  • Should be a professional in all areas of the E-commerce platform.
  • Work with the UI and UX design teams to make an inventive, strong, and unique user experience.
  • Ensure smooth connection with the Shopify Apps, Marketing Tools, and Platform APIs.
  • Must debug and test out the websites regularly to enhance their performance.
  • Offer coordination and technical support to protect the company against failure.
  • Increase the conversion rates by optimizing websites.

Job Requirements:

  • Must have maintenance, launch, and shop construction expertise and a general understanding of the admin system.
  • Expert in JavaScript, DOM, CSS3, and HTML5.
  • Has previous experience in Storefront API and working with custom themes.
  • Has working knowledge in liquid templating and theming system of Shopify.
  • Must required experience in debugging & implementing 3rd-party Shopify applications 
  • Must carry expertise and knowledge with jQuery, current frameworks of JavaScript, vanilla JavaScript, and ES2015/ES6.
  • Must carry working knowledge of Shopify properties or objects, Meta fields, and AJAX API.
  • Must possess debugging and testing abilities utilizing browser console and various other tools.
  • Must have the ability to provide proactive feedback and interact effectively.
  • Working knowledge of third-party services and APIs, as well as Shopify plugins
  • Previous experience creating responsive and unique layouts for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop.

Are you the right fit ? YES, if you :

  • Have proven expertise in your domain
  • Have proven expertise in your domain
  • Never compromise on quality and values
  • Fun loving and energetic
  • Ambitious