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Importance of Getting Customer Feedback Early in the Product Life Cycle

Emvigo Technologies 28/06/2021 33 Min Read

A majority of companies believe that customer engagement strategies are the key to defining innovation from early ideation, where customers have the most important part to play since they act as your innovation partners. All the leading companies around the globe are now joining forces together with their customers in order to serve the purpose of creating better products.
And as organizations constantly face challenges on the way to staying ahead of their competition by creating, designing, and developing innovative products, customer feedback becomes even more important. It is crucial for the successful launch of the desired and required products and services to the market. Customer feedback holds great value and acts as an immense resource of ideas to help you ensure your product innovation aligns with your current and future needs.

Customer Feedback and Its Importance

Customer feedback is nothing but the information, insights, issues, and input that your users share with you. It is all about their experiences with your company, product, or services. You can use this feedback to improve the customer experience while empowering a positive change in your business—even (and especially) when it’s negative. Customer feedback is important because:

• It serves as a guiding resource for your company’s growth.
• It helps you understand what you’re getting right—and wrong—as a business as per your customers.
• It is an ideal way of improving your services and products.

Customers can offer you a complete analysis of your products and services via customer feedback, and you can use this opportunity to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. As soon as you start paying attention to what your customers say, you will get to know what they expect from you as a brand, which will open gates to advance future improvements. Not only this, but you will also save a lot of time and resources that would otherwise be spent on the useless development of unsatisfactory products.

Importance of Including Customers Early in Product Innovation

Irrespective of how long your product has been in the market, customer feedback greatly influences the product development life cycle. There are several ways to go about the same and collect customer feedback, but getting feedback at the early stage of the product life cycle can make all the difference. Let’s try to understand how!

You must be wondering when is the best time to include customers in the product development lifecycle. Should you wait until the product is developed and nearly launched? In case you do, it is going to be hard and expensive to stop with the production and make some changes. What to do now? And how to do it?

How to Include Customers at Early Stage?

An ideal way to tackle this situation and overcome this challenge is that you start engaging your customers early in the process. Crowdsourcing is a proven, functional, and easy way that can help you include your online customers in your ideation sessions. It allows them to express their ideas for the products and services in a simple yet effective way, where they can provide it to you in a customizable web form. This form could be generalized inside your innovation management software or can be connected with your website.

Not only this, but it will also help you start an ongoing conversation with your customers on the burning product questions, ensuring that the direct integration of customers’ ideas and feedback has been taken into consideration and the product development process will be accomplished.

Use the Customers Feedback to Enhance Your Product Development Efforts

It makes zero sense if you just keep collecting customer feedback without actually putting it into action. Why are you even doing it then! Use the same to enhance your innovation process by analysing the collected customer feedback to identify the usual pain points and opportunities for improvement.

After analysing the customer feedback closely, you will be able to understand their needs and expectations and must start thinking of the ways to meet them all, or else it will all go to waste. You can use the connected application workflow of collecting customer feedback and product development to analyse and select the customers’ ideas having the greatest potential. At last, just deploy the same to better your products and services.


As we mentioned that it is not easy to change your product once it goes live, which is why you need to ensure that everything is up to the mark before it goes into the development phase. And customer feedback is the only way to ensure that, as it not only provides you with an outsider’s eye but also helps you improve your product.

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