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Thought indulgence is a method of human time traversal, irrespective of its existence in a known or unknown form. Innovations get squeezed out of this very natural phenomenon, when the diversified process gets streamlined in a productized approach with an end result paving way for impact evolution. Emvigo is that hub of innovative thinking on a solid technology base. A group of identical minds with diversified skill sets handpicked from across the globe, where brains acclimatize towards revolutionizing the process of attaining perfection.

A right mix of vibrant energetic youngsters, highly experienced technology and management connoisseurs and task masters who have made their names synonymous with efficiency, effectiveness and unique innovations form the crux of Team Emvigo.

Emvigo is a global technology development firm that offers industry-leading products, services and research for many information technology and electronics disciplines. Leveraging the best in class resources, processes and technologies, Emvigo provides high-quality, high-value technology development to businesses across the spectrum of small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Unlike traditional technology providers, Emvigo helps its customers leverage the power of technology for a 360° impact on the business. Business drivers for our solutions range from increasing market share, enhancing customer engagement, driving innovation/differentiation, improving agility & efficiency of operations, reducing cost or standardizing business processes, in a secure manner.


Our mission is to be committed to maintain our client’s edge in the market by delivering business solutions through information technology, electronics and embedded platforms. We think, believe and deliver - commitment.

Emvigo Technologies


To be the undisputed collaborative technological and business partner for our clients and transforming their business needs into technological realities with the best ROI in superlative time frames, with quality parameters benchmarking an ever expanding boundary line.

Our vision is the driving force behind the entire team. We are in constant and consistent pursuit of improving skills and processes, by keeping abreast of latest cutting edge technologies and methodologies to convert our clients various business processes in to profitable business models via our solutions.

Team Emvigo

At Emvigo, we aim to keep things simply innovative. We are a young and vibrant technology solutions provider that is on a mission to bring quality changes to the common man’s life.

Headquartered in Greenwich, London and with a Research and Development centre at Cochin, India, Emvigo is paving new roads and is creating novel ideas – both simple and complex – to make lives easier. We believe that the right road to success is innovation and we strive to keep that at the fore of everything we do.

(Emvigo is a hybrid of two words – Empirical and Novigo. Empirical means information acquired by observation while Novigo stands for innovation in Esperanto. This clearly defines us.)

Emvigo Technologies
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